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Tech programs

Classes begin monthly, Please call for dates.

CNA Program Duration* Tuition Click for More
Certified Nursing Assistant 5wk M-Th 8am-3pm
7wk M-Th 5-9:15pm
$750 Learn More

Please note that all MTI programs require either a High School Diploma or GED with no exceptions.

MTI Programs Duration* Tuition Click for More
Medical Assistant 10days M-Th 8am-12pm $535 Learn More
EMT Basic 12wk T-W 9am-3pm $1740 Learn More
EMT Advance 16wk T-W 5pm-9pm $1740 Learn More
Phlebotomy Tech 5wk M-Th 8-12pm
8wk T-Th 5-9:15pm
$875 Learn More
EKG/ECG Tech 4wk M-Th 8-12pm
6wk M-T 5-9:15pm
$850 Learn More
Health Care Tech  M-Th 8-12pm
T-Th 5-9:15pm
$2080 Learn More
Advance Nursing Skills 4wk M-Th 8-12pm
7wk MT 5-9:15pm
$515 Learn More
Physical Therapy Aide 4wk M-Th 8-12pm $850 Learn More
First Aide/CPR/AED 4hrs F 9-1:45pm $55 Learn More

*Program duration is subject to change

MTWThFS = Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat and wk=weeks
**Clinical times vary day and night