About Us

We are a team of Health Care professionals in the Health Education field, and all of our instructors are dedicated to working closely with every student to ensure that each is thoroughly prepared for the state and national certification exams and to work as an allied health professional in their community.

Our programs provide a base of instruction and proper facilities to assure our students of a high level of quality patient care education.

Each of our programs is written by professionals who are credentialed in the health care field, meeting the state’s requirements.

We have incorporated essential and appropriate nursing skills that can be accurately and safely performed to enhance the quality of patient care.

Our growth since our inception in early 2008 has been unprecedented through an incredible need for Health Care Service Professionals in our marketplace and building a loving, caring relationship with our students.

Meet Us

Our Staff and Instructors:

Vera Wolfe

Vera Wolfe BBA, CEO/CNA

Is the Director and CEO of both CNA Nursing school of Calhoun and Medical Technical institute of North Georgia. She graduated from Dalton State College with a degree in business and an emphasis in accounting. Upon completion she worked as an accountant for Salem Carpets for over six years, Prater Ford for another six and then as CEO of ECR Financial Group for over ten years.

Vera is no stranger to pain having lost her son Dustin Coats in a terrible car wreck in 2003 at the age of fifteen. In addition to this Vera’s nephew Saul Raisin a professional biker was injured in a terrible biking accident and had to undergo brain surgery and a long recovery process.

Due to a lack of CNA’s in the area and having had CNA’s care for her nephew during his rehabilitation, Vera was inspired to begin a CNA training program in the Calhoun, GA area. With the support of her husband Kyle Wolfe she started their first CNA program with 11 students in 2007.

The program was a success and shortly after Vera started the Medical and Technical Institute of North Georgia which now offers over ten post secondary educational technical programs. Today Vera is the proud owner of both businesses and feels she is making a contribution not only to the community but also to the educational goals of thousands of individuals in the North Georgia area.

Brenda Hambrick

Brenda Hambrick LPN

Brenda the Drill Sargent has been working as a nurse for over nine years. She has been teaching CNA classes for seven and is dedicated to putting out the most compassionate, caring, and educated CNA’s in the industry. But don’t be afraid, her bark is bigger than her bite. Proof is found in 22 years of marriage to her best friend and the pride she finds in her son and his academic accomplishments. She enjoys cooking, and entertaining large civic and church groups.

Casey Pack

Casey Pack

Casey has served as the office administrator since the schools inception in 2008. Her daily duties include admissions, payroll, state documentation, and job placement for graduates from the program. She has worked in healthcare since 1996 as a patient care technician but is no stranger to the office having worked as a staffing agent for seven years. Casey enjoys seeing students graduate from the programs and obtain their lifelong career goals. In addition to “camping” in an RV with all the home amenities Casey enjoys family time with her four kids and husband Chris to whom she has been happily married for eleven years.

First Aide/CPR Training

F 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

After only seconds of a person being unable to breathe, irreversible brain damage begins, gradually progressing, and unless someone acts, life could end. It doesn’t take a Doctor to step up to the plate; anyone can help if they know what to do.

There are many benefits to knowing CPR and First Aid. As far as careers go, there will always be a job available, either teaching classes for CPR and First Aid or in public services, such as a paramedic.

There are also a whole host of educational programs and job positions that require it for acceptance, including

  • Physician assistant
  • Nursing
  • Patient care technicians
  • Certified nursing assistants
  • Lifeguarding

Our program is accredited by the American Heart Association.
Children ages 5 – 12 Free with paid adult. (Limit of 2 children)
Children under the age of five not allowed
Students and Grandparents Welcome
Approximately 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM